Hot Chocolate Oatmeal

I always cook my oatmeal the night before, chill in the refrigerator and microwave it the next morning. Because I have to mostly wake up damn early for school. And oatmeal takes quite some time to cook. I know I can make no cook overnight oats, but cold mornings call for a warm and satisfying bowl of oatmeal. Last night, I made Hot Chocolate Oatmeal, using my Vegan Hot Chocolate as liquid. And I didn’t use any water. The result was a rich, creamy, dreamy and decadent hot chocolate oatmeal.


1c milk of choice
1 tbsp raw cacao powder (or cocoa)
1 tbsp (dark) chocolate chips or 2 squares from a bar
1-2 tbsp sweetener
8 tbsp (1/2c) rolled oats
Pinch of salt
First, pour your milk of choice into the pot and WARM it under LOW heat.
Do not let it boil.
Put your hand over the milk and when it feels warm enough, gently whisk in cacao and chocolate.
Whisk until there are no powders or lumps of chocolate.
There’s no need to turn off the heat as long as you keep to low.
Add your sweetener and gently whisk again.
Add in your oats and salt and give it a few swirls using the whisk.
Let it to bubble under LOW heat.
Give it a few swirls whenever it bubbles.
Turn to high heat and let it bubble vigorously before turning off the heat when desired consistency is reached.
Now stir and let cool.
You can serve immediately or (like me) let it cool, then transfer to the refrigerator.
Next morning, microwave your oatmeal for 40-60 seconds. You can add more milk if you find it too dry. Top with your faves and enjoy!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. It was delicious I love it thank you very much


    1. honeystarx says:

      I’m so happy you like it thank you xx


  2. Maria Alejandra says:

    I did it


  3. Sounds so Rich and decadentπŸ˜‹ have you ever tried soaking your oats with spices in some water/milk overnight and then heating it up in the microwave? my friend does it this way 😘


    1. honeystarx says:

      I’ve not tried! Because most sites says it’s supposed to be eaten cold so I don’t know how it’ll turn out. Thanks sweetie I’ll try it today!


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