Maca Blueberry Nana Ice Cream

1 you need to decide how many bananas you want to use
2 you need to decide how you want to serve your nice cream. In a jar? A bowl?
3 after you’ve decided on how many you wanna use, peel them and chop them into coins
4 place them into an air tight freezer safe container or a zip lock bag to freeze them
5 slice them thin if you want to make your nice cream 3 to 4 hours later
6 take them out to thaw for 15 minutes (optional but thawing it will make life easier for your food processor/blender and you)
7 throw them into a food processor or a high speed blender (food processor works best)
8 blend them and watch the magic
9 if they’re stuck, remove the cover and scrap down the sides or add a few splashes of milk but don’t add too much
10 continue to blend and stop when you get the perfect consistency: ICE CREAM 😍
11 if you’re serving the nice cream in a jar, you can use a smaller jar and make a tall tower 😎 if you’re serving in a bowl, just transfer everything in (this is the lazy way)
12 you can place your nice cream in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes for it to firm up a bit as it melts pretty quickly (in my country at least) you can do this before or after transferring to your jar/bowl

There are so many different variations it’s just endless!!!!!!
So first up, maca blueberry:


4 medium frozen bananas
1 tsp maca powder
1/2c frozen/fresh blueberries
Toppings of choice such as chocolate, fruits, chocolate sauce, nuts, etc
Blend your frozen (slightly thawed) bananas in the food processor until you get a icecreamy consistency.
Throw in maca powder and blend until well incorporated.
Transfer half of your maca nana ice cream into a jar and place the jar in the freezer.
Add in the blueberries to your food processor and blend until well incorporated with the rest of the maca nana ice cream.
You can choose to freeze your blueberry nana ice cream for 10 to 15 minutes before spooning it into your jar.

Topped with dark chocolate

I just love maca because it keeps me feeling energized all day! I can survive school with only 4 hours of sleep thanks to maca. You should totally try it if you haven’t! You can get it on iherb (:


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