Healthy French Toast


This is not vegan but it’s vegetarian.
I made a vegan French toast before. It tasted good but I had the worst time ever trying to clean the pan because it stuck to the pan pretty easily.

Vegan French toast

The batter I used for VEGAN French Toast is 1 mashed banana and 6 tbsp of plant based milk. You can choose to blend the mixture so that it’s smooth. Dip your whole wheat bread into the batter. 10 seconds on each side and drop it into a HEATED WELL GREASED NON STICK pan. It will be difficult to flip because it will be stuck but not in a very very disastrous manner.
So on to my healthy french toasts.

Topped with mint coconut ice cream mixed w cacao, frozen grapes, pure maple syrup, cocoa crunch square bars and sugar free matcha green tea dark chocolate


2 to 3 slices of whole wheat bread (or whatever you prefer)
1 egg
3 tbsp non dairy milk
Heat your non stick pan under medium heat.
Whisk egg and milk very very well.
Coat one side of the bread generously.
Turn the heat to medium low.
Coat the surface of the heated pan with oil of choice.
Flip the bread over and coat the other side.
Let it sit for a few more seconds before transferring it to the pan.
Be careful to not let the batter drip everywhere!
Cook one side for about 1 minute and flip.
Coat the second piece of bread on one side.
When the bread on the pan is ready, put it on a plate and flip the half coated bread on the other side.
Add more oil to the pan if needed.
Let it sit for a few more seconds before transferring the second piece of coated bread to the pan.
Serve and go crazy with toppings or eat it plain!
Serves 1


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