Cacao Nice Cream with Raisin Chunks

I’ve got nothing to hide. I shall leave it there for everyone to see. I hope you see this (:

How’s everyone doing? Are you having a good day? I’m studying for my exams next week. I’m reading about misrepresentations in business law. I’m so confused between negligent misrepresentation and innocent misrepresentation. How am I supposed to know what does “if the maker of the false statement has (no) reasonable grounds for believing the statement to be true…” mean?
So if I’m selling a house and I assumed that the house is a convenient spot but turns out it’s not then I’m liable for negligent misrepresentation? But if I actually find the house to be convenient for me and this representation induced the buyer to enter the contract and after living in the house the buyer said it’s not convenient at all I’ll be liable for innocent misrepresentation?
Okay I shall not bore you with law.
On to my remedy (another law word oops)
CHOCOLATE. It solves everything.


2 frozen bananas
1 tbsp raw cacao powder
2 tbsp raisins
The day before, peel your bananas and put them into a zip lock bag.
Squeeze as much air out as possible and put into the freezer overnight.
When ready to use the next day, take them out to thaw for 20 to 30 minutes.
Chop them into smaller chunks and throw them into your food processor.
Blend until smooth.
Add in your cacao and raisins.
Blend until the cacao powder is well incorporated into your nana ice cream.
You can serve immediately or transfer to a bowl, cover it and freeze until desired consistency.
You can certainly use cocoa powder instead of cacao but cacao is much more nutrient dense and healthier for you. Cacao is cocoa before it’s being heated and processed. I shall not bomb you with the benefits of cacao you can just ask my best friend, Google 😉


I layered with muesli and topped with frozen berries and decided to pour raw cacao maca sauce over it xD I love the chunks of sweetness in my nana ice cream its heaven. Do try it guys you won’t regret!
Remedy: chocolate ice cream for breakfast. I’m loving my semivegan life 💖


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