Low FODMAP journey

I’ve been eating really badly recently and I can actually feel how unclean my digestive system is. The visible effect is my daily easily bloated tummy.

I came across this post the other day… 

And the low FODMAP diet caught my eye. I wasn’t going to do it if it’s gonna be restrictive. But no, it isn’t! Even though I can’t have breads or pastas, I can still have rice, quinoa and oats as my carbs!

You can visit their website to read about it, it’s very informative! 

So basically, these are what FODMAPs are:

The full list of foods to avoid and appropriate alternatives may be sourced from Monash University in Melbourne, where the diet was first developed, check out their resources here.

I’m going to try this diet for a period of 4 weeks. But I am not going to fully restrict myself to only eating low FODMAP because 1) restriction is not good for your mental health and 2) it will be difficult to reintroduce the foods back into your body and not get a diarrhea.

I took tons of screen shots and I highlighted the food that I like/eat more often. You can find the list here!

Here are the high FODMAP foods to avoid:

I am extremely sad I can’t have mushrooms?? Mushrooms are my life 😞

I can live without sausages but it’s quite hard to live without bread because bread is just so cheap, convenient and filling. It is also hard for me to not eat pasta! Mushroom pasta is my favourite and now I can’t have it for a month LOL. I love gnocchi very much too but I don’t have it that often so I can still survive. 

Oh gosh does that mean I can’t bake with spelt now? And honey too! I use honey a lot.

I should not be using soy milk but guess what guys I have a carton of Silk vanilla soy milk and I am still going to use it. #rebel 

Can’t have yogurt sucks because I use yogurt a lot in baking and cooking. 

And no more cream pastas. 

We’re done with the high FODMAP now moving on to the foods I can actually eat!!

I’m not going to specially find those breads because they will definitely be expensive and the reason why I eat bread nowadays is because it’s affordable. Okay at least I can have 1 slice of bread πŸ˜‚.

I am so happy I can still eat oats and rice! I would be so lost and will completely forget about trying this diet if I cannot have oats or rice. 

Oh great I can still have my teas! Except black 😞 

Low FODMAP doesn’t seem that difficult after all! I just have to be more alert of the foods that I cannot eat because I have a feeling I will subconsciously eat them. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I’ve been going low FODMAP since yesterday and I’m pretty excited to see how well will this go! This shall last until 7 June which is the last day of my exams lol.

You can follow my low FODMAP journey here

Good luck me!

Xx Ning


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  1. superfitbabe says:

    I’ve heard of the low FODMAP diet as well! I may have accidentally tried it for a couple days, but they date so far back that I probably don’t even remember any differences. If I were to try it now, I would definitely keep myself more accountable! That is, I can’t live without my mushrooms, soy milk, beans, cauliflower, dates, nectarines, peaches, avocado, garlic, and onions! All the best for your journey!!


    1. I think it’s hard to see any difference in just a few days right? Most of the food you mentioned are my favourite too but I can afford to give them up for just 1 month. I guess I’ll be fine! (except soy milk πŸ˜‚)

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