I’m back? 

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!! *waves frantically*

Long time readers will realise I changed my blog theme! Is it nice? Do you like it? I quite like it. Quite because I don’t have the time to customise it to perfection 😦

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I just stopped posting because 1) there’s no more natural light for me even if I make my own breakfasts. 2) I lost the passion. 3) I got really busy with life and I don’t really eat that healthily anymore.

So point 1: I have to wake up and go to work. I work as an auditor now (in my previous post I said I was an accountant. So yup I changed my job!) So the thing is, there’s no light when I wake up in the morning. And I am rushing to get out of the house everytime. I really don’t know how I can still have my breakfast at home previously? Because now, I bring my breakfast to my workplace and have it there LOL.

Point 2: it was the passion I had for healthy eating, baking, taking pretty food pictures and blogging that kept me going. I’ve not lost my passion for blogging. I still like blogging. I like typing and sharing stuff online. So I used dayre (you can read about my daily boring life there). Actually, it was my friend who told me to use dayre. But at that time, not many people were using it. I only knew she was using LOL. So initially I didn’t use it. But eventually I did. I really miss typing about my day. So as for the rest of my passion, I lost them due to how tired I got because of how busy I got in life. I’ve gotten really really lazy, especially when it comes to my meals. I am still subconsciously conscious about what I eat though. But most of the time I try to not think about it.

Okay last point: the reasons why I got busy. I graduated and got a job, that’s the main reason. My previous job was from 815-530. So there’s absolutely no light in the morning during breakfast. And I gradually woke up later, and stopped making breakfasts. My mom would make me breakfast, or buy bread/cakes/egg tarts/etc. And I will eat them in the office.

I’ve gotten used to not having my breakfasts in the morning. I became not a breakfast person. I can’t bear to eat anything within 2 to 3 hours after I wake up. I will feel like puking the food out. So even after I changed my job (9-6), I still don’t eat my breakfasts. I recently found out I have iron deficiency, so I’ll force down a cup of Milo in the morning before I leave house, to not let my stomach be empty and end up fainting on the crowded trains. (It almost happened.)

I am also currently studying for ACCA. I am working full time and studying part time. So I have very little time to myself. I even had to stop taking orders on @chocoxdiaries. I might resume taking orders after I have completed my ACCA. But that will be in 2018 or 2019 🙊. 

I posted my goodbye on my instagram but I posted today. I had the sudden urge to post again. Is this a sign of my passion returning? 😂 I need to fight my laziness, erm I mean my fatigue and lack of time so that I can start eating well again.

It’s so embarrassing how I had to Google my own recipe and refer to it because I have forgotten about it. But since I don’t cook or bake anymore, naturally I don’t have all the ingredients I need to make baked oats. So I improvised. And… The original recipe tastes better 😂.

Double chocolate baked oats (improvised and not recommended, please refer to here)

6 tbsp rolled oats (I’m shocked I still have a very big packet of it and it’s expiring next month OH GOSH. I’m gonna make granola with it to quickly use it up and because granola doesn’t take much time to make!)

Half a packet of unisoy soya milk powder and 6 to 8 tbsp of hot water (because I don’t have soy milk or any other milk in the fridge except evaporated milk 😒)

Pinch of himalayan pink salt

1/4 tsp baking powder

1 egg (I had no banana! 😩)

1 heaped tbsp cacao powder (I don’t even know if it expired)

Handful of enjoy life chocolate chips (I also don’t even know if it expired but I ate it anyway)

1 tbsp pure maple syrup

I stirred my oats, soya milk powder and water in a bowl and let sit for 20 minutes before mixing in everything else and baking it at 180°C for 25 minutes.

I will highly recommend following this recipe because it tastes better. Not saying that the above sucked. It’s just not fantastic.

AND I feel like a WordPress noob now how do you change your signature? I need to edit my 2016 to 2017 LOL.

Goodbye for now. I’ll try my best to post at least once a week. Since I am determined to eat well again!

Ps, if you’re interested, continue reading…

I celebrated my 21st birthday this week! It was on 2 May. And I feel really really blessed. 

On 1 May, my parents brought my bro and I (we share the same birthday) to a fine dining restaurant. The food was just amazing. You can read about it on my dayre too! 

On my birthday, I woke up to my two best friends surprising me with my favourite flower.

On 3 May, I went back to work and my colleagues bought me gifts!

On 5 May, I was done with my fieldwork and went back to office, to find a present on my desk and it was from the audit partner! I also met up with my ex colleague that I miss very much for dinner and she treated me to ramen and gyoza and gave me a gift from Korea.

I had an amazing week. And rather sinful actually 😂

Okay end of ps




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